Study programmes


Faculty of Health Sciences facilitates research in the following areas:

- Education in health care
- Organisation and management in health system
- Treatment of vulnerable social groups in health system
- Interdisciplinary view on introduction of new treatment methods in health system


Interdisciplinary integration in the field of health sciences is of the utmost importance, since health and social sciences are closely intertwined, as well as with the so-called life sciences.

1. Education and training in the field of health care:
In this area the research papers are done in connection with the organization and efficiency of the study process, with a purpose to raise the quality of the study programme and the implementation of the clinical practice, as well as the permanent education of nurses and other medical personnel.
The focus is also on research related to the prevention and studying of lifestyles in order to design preventive and educational programmes in the field of health care.

II. Organisation and management in the field of health care:
The mentioned topic has a direct effect on the efficiency of the health care and on health-related costs, as well as indirect effects on other segments of the social organisation (e.g. area of social care, education, etc.). Researches in this area have a purpose of condition analysis and formation of new guidelines and strategies for improving the related activities.

III. Treatment of vulnerable social groups:
In this context we are dealing with research in connection to vulnerable social groups, especially in the field of Gerontology and persons with mental health problems. Researches in this field have the purpose of analysis and to improve the health care of the specific social groups.

IV. The interdisciplinary view on introducing new methods of treatment in clinical practice:
In this context, in particular, ongoing researches are related to the organisation and implementation of clinical studies. Clinical studies are the basis for introducing new methods of treatment in clinical practice, however, considering not only the success of the treatment, but also technological, economic and other aspects of some new treatment methods. Research in this field have the purpose of analysing the performance of some clinical studies and studying the nursing procedures, which may affect the clinical studies outcome. In this area we are also trying to create studies for developing the models of planning and analysis (evaluation) of clinical studies.